Lucy Seligman hypnosis and relaxed state of mind

Can Hypnosis Help You?

peaceful ripples Lucy Seligman CCHT hypnotistHypnosis is a very common and natural relaxed state of mind that we flow in and out of all day long, often without even realizing it. We naturally experience hypnosis when we daydream; when we are completely absorbed in an activity such as watching television or a movie; reading a book; enjoying theater; or even driving a car.

A hypnotic state or trance is achieved when the conscious mind is so deeply relaxed that the unconscious mind can be easily accessed and is more receptive to positive verbal suggestions. For example, when we are at the threshold between sleep and wakefulness, we are in the deepest state of a naturally induced hypnotic trance.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a means of inducing this deeply relaxed state of mind in which suggestions can be given and received for a therapeutic reason. These suggestions are acted upon by the unconscious mind much more powerfully and quickly than is possible by the conscious mind.  Lasting change can be achieved.

I am a graduate of HCH Hypnotherapy Institute, a state approved school, located in Lafayette, California. Please contact me for stress-related tension or anxiety, or other problems, such as panic attacks, phobias, chronic pain management, or to find out if hypnotherapy can be helpful for any other physical or emotional health issue you might have.

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