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Usually, by early December or so, I am already thinking about what word I will use as my focus for the upcoming year. It’s always been a fun and usually a very easy and painless process. But, as well all know, 2020 was way different! I pondered, I wavered, I remained uncommitted and then it was 2021! Then I thought, well, do I really need one? Maybe I could do a new word every month or every quarter……no, that felt overwhelming too. I wanted to start fresh and put 2020 behind me for good.

2021 – Picking A Word of the Year!

By mid-January, I had narrowed it down to two words: alignment and consistency. I felt pulled by both. So, I started with their meanings first to see if one resonated more than the other. To me, personal alignment means I am in balance in mind-body, and spirit and also with my life purpose and values. But, I felt very pulled by the concept of consistency, which definitely wasn’t at the top of my radar so much in 2020. It was too hard to do it when we didn’t know what was going on in the world.

Leadership guru John Maxwell said: “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”

Hmnn…I liked that but by the time I co-hosted a workshop on Manifesting a Transformative 2021 in mid-January, I still was stuck! So, one of the exercises I taught during the workshop was using self-hypnosis to manifest your 2021 word. As I led the group in this process, my 2021 word just flowed out of me! Can you guess what it was?!


Yes, consistency won out and is most definitely my word for 2021. It is my 2021 intention to be more consistent both professionally and personally in everything I do. I have a post-it with CONSISTENCY written on it taped to my computer. It is right there all day, inspiring and guiding me to keep focused on my 2021 goals, intentions and yes, commitments to myself. And so far, it is working! Some of the positive habits that I am being more consistent about cover a wide range: 100% showing up to my clients, growing my coaching practice, weekly Pilates classes and strength training, upping my daily water, meditating and manifesting nightly,  making sure I have time to play and also rest for balance, well actually you could say I am following my 7-Day Wellness Plan!

But it goes farther than my 7-day plan since my intention is for the whole year. I always review my previous week on Sundays and congratulate myself on my accomplishments and tweak my ‘consistency’ plan for the upcoming week. Maybe I will focus on something else, or add on something new–But, I am also trying not to overburden myself either with too many tasks. This is a long term project, so I am more than happy with my baby steps so far.

Here are some ideas on how to choose a word because before you know it, 2022 will be here!

  1. Reflect on the current year. Make a list of what went well and what didn’t. What do you want to carry with you into the new year? This process may be all you need to choose your new word.
  2.  Manifest what you want for the new year as you drift off to sleep. The answer is already there in your heart, you just need to access it.
  3.  Once you have chosen your word of the year, try to visualize it. How will you use it? See it in action. Tell a good friend. Verbalizing it makes it more ‘real.’
  4. Write it down and make sure it is visible to you daily. You may consider adding it to your Vision Board if you have one, or use it to be the start of a vision board.

So, what’s your 2021 word? How did you choose it or did it choose you?! I would love to know.

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