Feeling stuck and stagnant?

Are you already letting 2023 pass you by?

A dozen goals set in January only to feel three steps behind the starting line?

Desperate to break free and make the change…only you can’t seem to find a way?

You don’t have to do it alone anymore!!

Hypno-Coaching is YOUR Solution!

Hypno-Coaching is next level life coaching that incorporates a variety of holisitc techniques that can be applied to any area of your life, whenever you need it!

It means creating a toolbox of resources to keep in your back pocket, ready to help you move forward even on the hard days.

It’s time to say – “I’m DONE.”

“Done living in survival mode when I’m meant to be thriving.”

“Done feeling unsure about my next step.”

“DONE with the weight of anxiety and fear!”

“I’m ready to feel confident again!”

With Lucy as your hypno-coach, you’ll find the answers you’ve had within you all along and the confidence to KNOW they’re the solutions you need.

Through this 3-call intensive, you’ll set goals and intentions that guide you down your pathway toward success and happiness.

This 3-call intensive is for you if you:

– need guidance on a very specific issue, such as what relaxation techniques actually work for you when you find yourself bordering on burnout

– are suffering from a creativity block and need a nudge to find your flow

– feel stuck and need a hand to get out from the overwhelm

– are ready to feel confident and joyful again on a daily basis

Let’s do this!

With this 3-call intensive, you’ll be taking that first step to finally:

  • Feel in control of your schedule and daily life
  • Let go of the anxiety that comes from feeling uncertain of what the future may hold
  • Stand strong in your ability to focus on the present moment
  • Craft a custom toolkit filled with methods to guide you through to a successful 2023 and beyond

Beyond that, you’ll have the chance to learn practical hypno-energy and coaching tools so you can get out of your own way and be the successful person you were born to be.