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Have you ever just known you have energy blocks to clear?

Last weekend I took an online training in energy tools and pain management. It was supposed to have been a 2 day intensive training – obviously PGE didn’t get the memo as my area had power outages for 2 days, and I missed the live program for a day. Happily for me, the whole conference was recorded, and I look forward to watching it in its entirety soon.

But what it brought home to me was that we all on some level have energy blockages – whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual or a mix.

How to Clear Your Energy Blocks

Because it has become very clear to me as I work with clients using energy tools, coaching tools and hypnotherapy tools that in the end we all want to live a joyful and fulfilled life. But there are always bumps in the road, or in this case, energy blockages that need to be released, cleared out and let go before you can continue on your road to happiness and fulfillment.

So how do you clear energy blocks? That’s the million dollar question!

Here are a few tips to get you started on your journey to unlock your energies:

Start by finding your ‘why.’

Why do you want to change? What is your inner motivation? How will your life change after you’ve cleared your energy blocks?

Identify the blockage

When a client comes to work with me, they know on a certain level what the blockage(s) is. They don’t necessarily have a complete picture, and don’t know how to clear it, but they know something is off-kilter, off balance in their life. That is the first part of our work together. And invariably, if one thing/issue/body part etc is blocked, other aspects of your life is suffering too.

Ready Yourself for Clearing

Be ready and committed to do the work. This is when to me as a practitioner it gets interesting and challenging. A client may say they are ready, and I certainly give and teach them many tools they can use, but if you don’t do the work yourself, energy blocks will continue to be there impeding your desire for change.

Make clearing energy blocks a habit

Clearing energy blockages is like developing a new habit. There is a lot of repetition, of working on these blocks on a regular basis, usually daily to effect lasting change. And it may take a little time to find what energy tool(s) resonates with you and works. Believe me, there are many to try out!

Often, when I check in on a client after we have stopped working together on a regular basis, and ask how are things? Have you made the changes you desired? Many times, I hear, oh I forgot to use the tools you taught me!  Which had led me to change my offerings, because clients need consistency and practice to keep their energy moving and circulating to avoid future blockages and to achieve their goals.

Seek out accountability

Accountability has become a cornerstone of any type of work I do with a client. Whether it is a weekly check in in between our sessions, or a quick email or text if something occurs to me or I think of something that may be of interest or of use to them. I want them to know that I am their biggest cheerleader and that I’ve got their back, but they still have to create change within themselves, by themselves.

I am their guide only, because in the end, the answers they are striving to answer are tucked away inside them.

They just need to listen and trust their higher self—the best advisor they have!