Check out what Lucy’s clients have to say about the success they found when working with Lucy!

Lucy creates a safe space for hypnosis.  She exudes confidence, warmth and knowledge which makes it easy to relax and embrace the experience. You know you are in good hands.

Nancy Madden

Richmond, CA

I have been working with Lucy for the past six months and I can say she has had a big positive impact on both my work and my life. We had originally met through a women's networking group, and just "clicked". Our main focus has been with confidence, risk-taking, and attention to detail. It went better than I could have imagined, and I even ENJOYED IT! Among Lucy's many wonderful skills are her ability to listen on a deep level, to push me just enough, to be my cheerleader, and to offer many resources and specific practical steps. It is this versatility that makes her so special. Plus, Lucy is just FUN to work with!

Liz Nichols

Oakland, CA

I just had a hypnosis session with Lucy via Skype and it was wonderful! I came to her because of rising high blood pressure due to stress.  I really don’t want to get on medication.  Lucy asked me some questions and then led me through some very relaxing visualization exercises. Already, my bp is lower and I think, using Lucy’s techniques, I can get it to go lower still. I’m so relieved I can avoid that medication. It was great to be able to do this from my living room. Also, I recorded it and now I can listen to it any time I want to reinforce the messages. So talented and with a lovely, soothing voice—I highly recommend Lucy’s services.

Donna L.

San Francisco

Lucy’s skills as a coach are impeccable. She has an uncanny way of offering a different perspective just by asking probing questions. The coaching sessions are client-centered and her knowledge and wisdom on a variety of subjects/topics leaves one feeling liberated and empowered at the end of the session. She frequently assigns homework to be completed prior to the next session that serves to enhance learning and inhibit procrastination. She is truly a gem and I highly recommend her.

PG Fit

San Pablo, CA

Lucy’s coaching gives me support and critique in the right measures. Her personal style is just right for me as I start a new business venture. I like the way Lucy is both firm and positive. She is organized, analytical and efficient, and she goes with the flow when I need to let some creative process fly. Thank you Lucy for all the great work we’ve done together.

Janet Flint

El Sobrante, CA

Her strong and comforting voice facilitates entry into areas of the mind not easily accessed by will power alone. Lucy has the ability to intuit what is needed and guide you to a place where change and healing can occur.

Sue B.

Berkeley, CA

I came to Lucy Seligman for help in finishing a long project – my PhD thesis. I had written most of it, but was stalled and needed an extra push to actually complete it. I met with Lucy for two sessions.  Lucy was great: she listened carefully to my needs, asked probing questions, and delivered a very effective hypnotherapy session. I was a bit concerned about being “hypnotized,” but in actuality I was just very relaxed and therefore receptive to what she was telling me. I really like hypnotherapy: it is an excellent way to tap into one’s own willpower to achieve a goal. This first session really helped motivate me to work harder on my project. A few months later I had a second session, at which time we fine-tuned a bit of what we had talked about previously. Again, the session went well, and in fact I completed my thesis the following month. I have since recommended her to friends, and plan on working with her again should the need arise.

Christine L.

Richmond, CA

I can’t say enough about how much Lucy’s services have helped me through a particularly tough time. Through just a few Skype coaching sessions using EFT as a tool, she guided me through a difficult decision and gave me valuable and simple tools for getting through the anxiety and fears that have been holding me back. These invaluable tools can be applied to any obstacles I come up against in the future. Thank you Lucy, you have changed the course of my life!

Corina C.

Berkeley, CA

I have seen Lucy for hypnotism in support of my weight loss and overall health improvement goals.  She is supremely knowledgeable, innovative, and insightful.  We begin each session with a review of the results of our last meeting, any new or recurring issues I’m having with my program, and a discussion of how my goals have metamorphosed.  Lucy is a natural.  She combines a strong professionalism with the innate skills of a caregiver.  I trust her completely, and the results just keep coming!

Lorri A.

Oakland, CA

Lucy Seligman life coach review

Since working with Lucy over the past year or so, I have gained much more confidence, lost 20 pounds, and am sleeping better than ever.  Through our talks, Lucy has unblocked my negativity so that I can work on my core issues.  Once unblocked, she has used hypnosis to reach down into my subconscious to lay new foundations that have lead to a healthier and happier me.

“Since working on confidence, weight control, and sleeping has been so successful, I have asked Lucy to help me with financial and relationship matters.  I know that Lucy’s calm and reassuring demeanor will guide me through the steps I need to take to continue to grow and mature.

C. Swan

El Cerrito

Lucy has such an insightful gift. In the two session of EFT I received gave me a new found power and control over my emotional freedom. From Lucy and further study, EFT has given me the abilities has remove negative emotions and has allowed me to be the best I can be. Which was more than I ever thought.  Sincere thanks!

D. Perman

Discovery Bay

Over the years, Lucy Seligman has helped my daughter and me with a variety of issue. She used Reiki to help my daughter recover from knee surgery. For me, the clinical and medical hypnotherapy has helped me address years of insomnia and weight issues. Also, when I was recovering from surgery, I called on Lucy to help with my pain. She used EFT, guided imagery, and deep breathing techniques to lessen my pain. Working with her, my pain went from an “8” to a “3” on a scale of 1 to 10. Lucy has also helped me with life coaching. There have been times that life has been somewhat overwhelming. Lucy has helped me sort through my priorities and attack issues one at a time. Lucy is the epitome of professionalism. She schedules times for our sessions when they are most convenient for me and she is extremely flexible.

Carla J.