Today we step into one of my favorite activities: MANIFESTING!

It really comes down to activating and using your positive energy consistently—to achieve positive outcomes.

Learning to access it and raise it up continually. Manifesting is learning to cultivate and develop what you want in your life, to realize that it is okay to feel good about something. Give yourself permission to make your dreams become your reality.

This is an amazingly easy, fun and effective technique that I absolutely love and share with all of my clients.

I mainly do my manifesting at night as I am drifting off to sleep, as that is when you can reach your subconscious more easily where all the good stuff happens! I let it work for me while I sleep and it also helps to reinforce my manifesting that I do during the day.

Keep it positive, visualize it or verbalize it, do short sentences in the present tense—whatever works for you.

I basically have a list of desires/wants, and future realities I want for myself, or for my daughter, or our dog, or whomever else is most important in your life.

Depending on what is happening in my life, my manifesting may be different nightly or weekly.

It doesn’t matter, what matters is intentionally and regularly focusing on what you want and deserve!

This year, a lot of my manifesting has been on expanding my business, welcoming in more prosperity and abundance, continued good health and so on.

First – Be very clear, specific and concise about what you want to manifest. I am very intentional and strategic.

Your wants=Your Desires.

I have a running list, and as I manifest something and it comes into being, I cross it off, and review and tweak as needed the rest of my list, since my desires/goals may have changed. This can be small or large. Starting out with one small desire might feel more ‘doable.’

Putting a timeframe on it can be helpful too. You can write it down in a letter to the universe, use a vision board, meditating, visualize it in your mind, use an app, and so on.

Be very open to what you may receive. It may not be exactly what you envisioned, but be grateful, and keep honing in on what you want, detail by detail.

Next – Look at your ‘list’ daily and take actionable steps towards your goals daily until you have reached your goal.

Staying positive is the easiest way to be certain good things are coming—it raises your vibration and energy that you send out to the world. Really goes back to like attracts like—and in this case positive attracts positive. What else can you do to turn your manifesting into reality?

So today’s 5-minute task: Try your hand at manifestation. Make the space to receive that which is waiting for you and that you deserve.

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