I know you’re hard at work to make those lasting changes so that 2021 can be even better than this year, so here’s your next (somewhat) easy task –


This is a biggy for me. If I don’t sleep enough, I’m short-tempered, fuzzy, grumpy and can’t focus.

I make it a priority and made it one for my daughter when she was younger. As a result, that’s usually at the top of my list to focus on if I’m not getting enough quality sleep and or rest.

Time to review your sleep hygiene.

Maybe you need to do some tweaking.

For me, I make sure I stop drinking anything with caffeine by 2pm each day as I know that disrupts my sleep.

I have also found that although I love a glass of wine when socializing, it can really disrupt my sleep.

So, I have become very choosy of when and what I drink!

Not a bad idea, and I end up really savoring that glass of wine more.

Really stop and pause for those 5-minutes today and think about how your sleep patterns have been lately – do you need to cut back on caffeine? Or on booze?

Perhaps it’s just a matter of shutting off your phone sooner. Are you getting enough exercise during the day? Does your monkey brain kick in around 3am?!

Whatever the case, make it a point to not only review your sleep hygiene, but plan to get to bed (sans phones!) early tonight.

Tomorrow will be all the better for it.

And if you need an extra boost of motivation, check out my video below and I’ll guide you through a quick but effective hypnosis so you can take a much needed mental vacation!

As your coach, it’s essential that you know I believe in the power that is YOU. With empathetic guidance from me, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge necessary to trust in your own healing capabilities.

Change takes strength. If you need support in making that first step, I’m here to lend my strength and keep you moving forward.

It is scary, isn’t it? Knowing you need to make a change, but feeling lost as to where to start? Through my zen coaching programs, I’ll guide you through letting go of those limiting beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you.