Altars can be used to set powerful intentions and to manifest whatever it is you want in your life.

For example: It could be goals set for the new year/new season, it could be to manifest more money,  prosperity and abundance in your life, to bring more love into your life, for healing, and so on.

You may notice that you change your altar frequently or not—it will depend on what your intention is for your altar. It is totally up to you to change it or not, create another altar and so on.

In any case, it raises the positive/uplifting energy/vibrations in your space.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive, items can be handmade, found at a thrift store, garage sale or dollar store, or what you have around your house! It can also be small or large—it is your choice—one on even on a window ledge, part of your desk, in your garden etc.

What to put on Altar:

Items may include, candles, ornaments, a petty rock, feathers, flowers, crystals, shells, favorite affirmations, pictures, scarfs/cloths/fabric, inspiring book(s), your journal, ….whatever you want.

As long as it is meaningful to you—that’s really the only prerequisite!

Here are just a few items that are on my altar: a mini magic wand, a silver fortune cookie (yes, I have a fortune inside!), one of my favorite candles, and a pretty little vessel filled w/sea salt from Japan for cleansing and purifying my altar and den/office.

After you set up your own altar, I’d so love it if you’d email me a picture of it!

As your coach, it’s essential that you know I believe in the power that is YOU. With empathetic guidance from me, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge necessary to trust in your own healing capabilities.

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It is scary, isn’t it? Knowing you need to make a change, but feeling lost as to where to start? Through my zen coaching programs, I’ll guide you through letting go of those limiting beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you.