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Everything in existence is energy – even us. Matter is simply a stable form of energy, and through our bodies it takes many different forms: emotional, physical, spiritual, and so on.
From Reiki to utilizing your 7 main chakras, activating your energy can be done in many ways. Because of the near-endless variety of energy focusing and manipulation techniques at our disposal, it’s pretty easy to find some that work best for you.

3 of My Favorite Energy Tools

What follows are three of my favorites – they might not necessarily be strictly better than others, but they work best for me. I hope you’ll find them useful in your journey as well!

Central breathing exercises to ground your energy

A fundamental practice of Dr. Sue Morter in her book, Energy Codes, central channel breathing helps you quickly balance your mind, body and spirit.

How to (a quick version):

Take your attention up above your head—about six inches—and inhale from there. Initially, it may help to visualize a white or golden ball of light with the breath. (Ultimately, though, you want to realize that you are the ball of light, so you can feel yourself moving down through the top of your head and through your own central channel—as if you are in the elevator going down to the basement floor.)

Inhale all the way down through the channel, into your belly. Extend your belly on the inhale.

Exhale from the belly into the earth. Retract your belly toward the spine on the exhale.

Now reverse the action: draw a breath from within the earth up through into the belly. As you exhale, feel yourself as the energy flows up through the shaft of the central channel and out the top of the head.

Repeat the whole cycle. Note that a complete cycle includes two full breaths: one inhale starting from the top, six inches above your head into the heart/belly/core space, followed by an exhale down into the earth; and one inhale into the heart/belly/core space from the earth, followed by an exhale out the top of the head.

Karate chop tapping – emotional freedom technique

Emotional freedom technique or EFT focuses percussive taps onto meridian points on your body, helping you balance energy flow. In this way, it’s similar to acupuncture, and has been used to treat, among other things, PTSD, anxiety, and pain.

I love Emotional Freedom Technique as it is such an effective tool to release and move energy. But, I don’t always have time to do the full protocol. So, tapping on your karate chop point at the base of your hand (which is also an acupuncture point) helps to keep your energy flowing and unstuck and in balance.

How to practice karate chop tapping:

Breathe deeply while you tap on the side of your hand your pinky is on (hence the “karate chop” name). Do this for one minute while you continue breathing deeply.

Sometimes if I have something very specific to release, I will also repeat a simple statement like: “I release ……”, while doing this technique.

For instance: “I release my migraine pain” or “I release my anxiety related to my past mistakes”.

Amy B Scher’s calming technique

Amy has an amazing array of energy release and calming techniques and this is one of my favorites. I use it when I’m overwhelmed, stressed or can’t sleep – basically when my monkey brain won’t quiet down!

How to do Amy B Scher’s calming technique:

Simply apply gentle pressure to your forehead and the base of your neck, right at the top of your spine. Breathe calmly while you do it and try to clear your mind.

The gentle pressure helps calms me down even when my mind is racing, and since it can be done in any position, with eyes open or closed, you can even do it to wind down for more effective sleep.

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