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The school where I trained is offering free services for survivors of the North Bay/Napa Fires. I am one of the volunteers.

We at HCH Institute have created a volunteer network of HCH graduates who are EFT, Hypnotherapy, and hands-on or remote Reiki practitioners who want to help the families and victims of the North Bay/Napa fires. You may receive up to four sessions for free.

Who is eligible:

Individuals and family members who have been evacuated, are homeless, traumatized, grief stricken or anxious because of the fires. Anyone who has had lost a family member, friend or pet because of the fire. Anyone who lost a job or business because of the fires.

Who are the providers:

The practitioners are Certified Hypnotherapists and Energy Therapy Practitioners, most of whom have been trained and certified through HCH Institute. All practitioners have volunteered to provide services for free. Several practitioners are also licensed psychotherapists.

Services Available:

Hypnotherapy, a state of conscious where the client can access deep healing and relief from trauma and access inner wisdom and insight for new direction in life.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an energy therapy that can be learned to use on oneself to energetically release pain, trauma responses, grief, depression, fear and worry.

Reiki, a hands on healing modality that is deeply relaxing and revitalizing. Reiki can also be requested through distant healing.

Several of our practitioners are also licensed to practice psychotherapy.

If you would like to receive services  through our network, please email HCH with the following:

Your name

The modalities or services you would like to receive

How you would like to receive the

session (in person, by phone or via video conference call)

Your cell phone number and whether or not you can receive texts,

The technology you have access to if you want to do on-line sessions: ie; SKYPE, Zoom, Face Time, etc.

The city in which you are you currently living or staying?

If you prefer an in-person session, how far will you travel?

Please write a brief statement about how the fire has affected you and your life.