Zen & The Art of Living Well

Life Coaching Workshops with Lucy Seligman

How to Manifest
Follow Your Breath Meditation Tutorial
My 3 favorite Energy Tools and Why?
Self Hypnosis Tutorial
Creating an Altar - How to Video
What's in Your Purse - a Metaphor for Life
Emotional Freedom Technique How To Video with HypnoCoach Lucy Seligman

As your coach, it’s essential that you know I believe in the power that is YOU. With empathetic guidance from me, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge necessary to trust in your own healing capabilities.

Change takes strength. If you need support in making that first step, I’m here to lend my strength and keep you moving forward.

It is scary, isn’t it? Knowing you need to make a change, but feeling lost as to where to start? Through my zen coaching programs, I’ll guide you through letting go of those limiting beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you.