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Usually, by early December or so, I am already thinking about what word I will use as my main focus and for setting positive intentions for the upcoming year. It’s a fun and usually a very easy and painless process. But, it took me a little longer to figure out my 2023 word. My 2022 word was spaciousness in all aspects of my life; giving myself permission to take my time, not rush, and enjoy whatever it was I was doing. I definitely improved using spaciousness as my 2022 focused guide. Finally my 2023 word that came to me was Growth. Merriam-Webster defines it as: the process of growing. : progressive development : evolution.

Picking a Word of the Year

My growth and evolution as a human being and all that I offer to myself, my daughter, my clients, friends, and family. Yup, that’s my 2023 focus.

“My dreams are big and attainable.”


My post-it for Growth and my mantra: My dreams are big and attainable will be my leading lights for 2023. It will be my daily check-in to myself: inspiring and guiding me to keep focused on my 2023 goals, intentions and yes, personal commitments to myself.

By setting my intention for the whole year, I find it very helpful to review my previous week on Sundays and congratulate myself on my accomplishments and tweak my ‘growth’ plan for the upcoming week. Maybe I will focus on something else, or add on something new–But, I am also trying not to overburden myself either with too many tasks. This is a long term project, so I will be more than happy with my progressive baby steps. It’s also a nice way to look back on the year and see the progress I’ve made.

Here are some ideas on how to choose a motivational word because before you know it, 2023 will be here!


Reflect on the current year. Make a list of what went well and what didn’t in all the different realms of your life: professionally, personally, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. What do you want to carry with you into the new year and what are you ready to shed and say goodbye to? This process may be all you need to choose your new word. You may also notice some common themes while reflecting as well that may also help to lead you to your ‘word.’


Manifest what you want for the new year as you drift off to sleep. I use this technique nightly and not only manifest for myself, but for my daughter and even our dog! The answer is already there in your heart, you just need to be open to it and available to access it. Here is a video I have done on manifesting to help you get started.

Visualization & Verbalization

Once you have chosen your word of the year, visualize it, even draw it. How will you use it? See it in action. Tell a good friend. Verbalizing it makes it more ‘real.’


Write it down and make sure it is visible to you daily. I write it down on a post-it and it remains taped to the front of my computer for daily viewing for the whole year. On the evening of December 31st, my post it for the current year comes off, and I put up my new word for the next year so I am all set to go on January 1st.

Add it to your vision board

You may also consider adding it or updating your current Vision Board if you have one or use it to be the focus of new vision board. My vision board is on a huge white post-it on the wall in my office for easy viewing, updating, and as a daily reminder of what I want to bring more into my life.

So, what’s your 2023 word? How did you choose it or did it choose you?! I would love to know. How will you track your progress for the year?