Accidents can happen.  Well, you may have noticed I’ve been pretty silent at least blog post-wise these past few months. All it took was a slip and fall on March 31st to totally change my life these past five+ months, as I have been and continue to deal with a broken ankle and a number of unexpected and very pesky complications.

what is your selfcare routine But, it did get me thinking, reviewing and revising what my personal self-care routine is and has become.  I realized that it is actually a very good idea to check in with yourself regularly and make sure you are on track in this crucial area in your life. As I have refined my own regimen as I have been recovering, I have been asking my clients about their routines: Their answers have ranged from what routine?, to I like to declutter my house to calm down, to taking a bubble bath, to binging on Netflix, and so on.

How can hypnotherapy and other healing therapeutic modalities help to enhance your self-care toolbox? It is important when considering your routine, that you realize that self-care encompasses not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. By delving in using hypnotherapy, you will be able to envision and activate a more holistic self-care routine; one that will be more useful to you and more enjoyable.

As for me, I realized that in recent years, I have been ‘all work and no play.” So, despite some temporary physical limitations, I have been putting a lot more emphasis on play and fun into my life, traveling, catching up with good friends more regularly, and listening to a variety of hypnotherapy CD’s as I drift off to sleep to really wake up my subconscious and for it to work for me while I sleep! For I am, after all, a very good multi-tasker! I also have been doing nightly Manifesting and getting some pretty amazing results. It is a technique that I teach all my new clients, and everyone loves it and uses it regularly.

So, I am interested, what is your self-care routine?

If you would like to explore this area more, are motivated and are ready to make some positive lasting changes and refine your own routine, please contact me to set up an appointment.