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So we are heading into the beginning of February. How are your resolutions going? Are they a thing of the past? I admit I have gotten a bit off track, but am getting more in balance–which just happens to be my word of the week!

Perhaps it would be more helpful and useful to choose a word for the year, or even a quarter or a month, that can help keep your mindful focus. Based on what many recent clients are coming to me for, perhaps the word of the day should be RELAX or STRESS-FREE? I like to put a post-it on my computer with my word of the day/month, etc so that it can remind/inspire me and help inform any decision I am making, whether professional and or personal. As in, am I being true to myself and my desired goal at the moment? If not, then maybe I shouldn’t do X,Y or Z at the present moment. My word at the moment is Balance. Am I doing too much all at once or am I truly focused on whatever is in front of me? I would love to hear what your word is at the moment and how you keep it in front of you and alive. What are your daily self care regimens?

the busier you get, the more you'll need self care.