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I review my self-care routines on a weekly basis because, let’s face it – priorities and needs change! This practice allows me to review what worked or didn’t the previous week, and to decide what is most important for the upcoming week. It is very intentional on my part. It is part of my weekly recalibration and reset that I do every Sunday afternoon. I also review my upcoming calendar and making sure I have made self-care a priority. Every day is a new opportunity to start afresh, making wiser, better and more effective choices. I like to call them my self-care rituals—

I have realized that it is actually a very good idea to check in with yourself regularly and make sure you are on track in this crucial area in your life. In essence, self-care is no longer regulated to the bottom of my list if I only have time. It is the top item on my list and I plan to keep it there. I guess I have the pandemic to thank for that! You know the old analogy, use oxygen on the plane first before helping others. I think this is even more crucial as a healer. I have to be transparent with my clients that I actually am doing what I suggest or teach them!

As I have continued to refine my own self-care rituals, I have been asking my clients regularly about their routines. What is non-negotiable? Their answers have ranged from what routine?, to I like to declutter my house to calm down, to taking a bubble bath, to binging on Netflix, walking my dog, listening to spiritual podcasts and so on. My current non-negotiables are weekly Pilates classes (up to 4 ), daily intentional movement and breath work, which could include meditation.

How can hypnotherapy, hypno-coaching and other healing therapeutic modalities help to enhance your self-care toolbox? It is important when considering your routine, that you realize that self-care encompasses not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. It also includes what are you doing for fun, current hobbies, how you recharge, and so on. What is on your bucket list for each of these categories? What is working and what isn’t and may no longer serve you and should be discarded? Developing a mind-body practice is also a key to enhancing your overall health and happiness. What is yours?

By delving in using hypnotherapy, you will be able to envision and activate a more holistic self-care routine fairly quickly; one that will be more useful to you and more enjoyable. But let’s be clear, whether you are developing, enhancing or starting from scratch with new and positive habits, it takes time to fully integrate and become part of you. And that’s okay!

Some Tips to Get Started Successfully:

My suggestion? Start small. Every baby step that you achieve can be used to build onto the next baby step and so on. Start with one area of your life that you want to improve. For me, I recently completed a 90 day Facebook challenge to intentionally move, smile and breathe daily! It was really great! I am looking forward to the next one in the fall.

As for me, I realized that in recent years, I have been ‘all work and no play.” So, I have been putting a lot more emphasis on play and fun into my life, traveling when safe, catching up with good friends more regularly, even if on Zoom and or outside, listening to mediation as I drift off to sleep to really utilize my subconscious and for it to work for me while I sleep! For I am, after all, a very good multi-tasker when it enhances my self-care! I also have been doing nightly manifesting and getting some pretty amazing results. It is a technique that I teach all my new clients, and everyone loves it and uses it regularly. As an example, I had a client today, whom I taught self-hypnosis to to use it to enhance prosperity in her life.

So, I am interested, what are your self-care routines and rituals? How has it changed or expanded during this time of COVID? What have you let go off that no longer serves you? Do you have a bucket list of self-care tools you want to start trying and using? Pick one and try it.

If you would like to explore this area more, are motivated and are ready to make some positive lasting changes in your life, or am ready to create a new self-care regimen and need some accountability, please contact me to set up a free connection call.