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Age is irrelevant when it comes to unlocking the best version of yourself. As humans, we are continuously growing, learning, and bettering ourselves – it’s what makes life such an adventure!

So when I was invited to The Menopause Movement Podcast with Dr. Michelle Gordon to talk about what it looks like to become the best you, I didn’t hesitate. I’m so excited to share my #1 tip to aligning your mind, body, and spirit, as well as the role hypnotherapy can play in that.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

[0:00] Introduction and Offer

[2:54] A brief background on who Lucy is and what she does

[3:51] Fear is what makes people get stuck

[5:19] Helping people get unstuck

[7:15] What is hypnotherapy?

[10:56] Hypnotherapy as a way to effect change

[14:43] It’s easier for our brains to go into the negative

[15:38] Dr. G works on a chronic pain issue through hypnotherapy with Lucy

[34:59] Suggestion when doing self-hypnosis

[37:41] An altered state

[38:54] Openness to different wavelengths

[40:16] Parts protocol

[45:27] Importance of alignment of the body, mind, and spirit

[46:15] Guided imagery and visualization

[48:37] Manifesting