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What is Zen Coaching?

Are you at a new stage of life or trying to push into new high point in your career? Maybe you’ve become your own boss for the first time, or you’re trying to turn a side-hustle into a prime-hustle.

Stressed out, overworked, constantly worried – I get it!

I have 3 online businesses as an Entrepreneur as well as a college-aged kid unexpectedly home since March due to Covid. I am constantly juggling, re-prioritizing what is important and what to focus on in my life.

The one thing that keeps me sane is a mindful and zen approach to all of it.

Zen coaching has helped me and my clients achieve a higher level of functioning by addressing one area many people neglect: work-life balance. You can’t expect more of yourself if you’re giving yourself less.

What is Zen coaching?

Zen coaching is a holistic and intentional life coaching approach to total well-being for your mind, body, and spirit. It focuses on self-care that nurtures every aspect of your being and gives you room to breathe.

My style of Zen coaching empowers you to unlock the very best version of yourself. By integrating all aspects of yourself and honoring and honing in on your own innate intuition for more success and happiness in your life.

Through Zen coaching, you’ll learn how to use calm attentiveness and your inner intuition to trust in the process that is building yourself (and your business!) up. We have a tendency to rush from one thing to another in life, and this creates negative habit loops that keep us from realizing what we’re capable of, or that we’re making choices that sabotage our happiness and ability.

Zen coaching teaches you techniques to step back and gives you space between impulse and action, to let yourself make clear and helpful choices. It provides you techniques for managing stress and connecting your mind, body and spirit.

Depending on your specific situation, I take life coaching one step further by providing integrated techniques beyond the coaching sessions, such as hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, guided visualizations, manifestation tactics, and other energy tools.

What can I expect with a zen coaching session?

Coaching sessions take place via Zoom, at 30 or 60 minutes, designated by the package you choose. We will discuss your goals, what’s bothering you, and we will come up with a strategy to help you realize your potential. Each session opens with a short grounding/centering exercise of some sort to be fully present. This might include meditation, guided imagery, energy or breathing exercises and so on.

Between calls I will provide you with supplemental activities to do between our calls. They won’t be difficult though they are critically important to your development. Think of them less as “homework” and more as “personal enrichment”.

What can zen coaching do for me?

Zen coaching is perfect for you if you’re ready to make a commitment to improve your life across many levels. It can even help you find more success that comes when you’re working within a state of integrated wholeness!

As I always say, “Taking action affects change.”

Are you ready to take the plunge and make yourself the main priority? Let’s talk!

Book a free call today and we can look at how my zen coaching partnerships can help you and your business grow and thrive.

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