Can you really find the support and accountability to make things happen without spending thousands on a 1:1 coach?


But you have to be willing and ready to get it done.

Let’s take a journey together….

It’s February 23 2023

and now you no longer stress over the next sale or step in your business…

Does that make you shiver in excited anticipation?

You feel lighter, more confident, and ready to take over the world…

Doesn’t that make you want to drop everything and just skip over to the day when it will all be real?

Now you spend more time laughing and actually enjoying your day – whether you’re working on your business or spending time with loved ones

Does that make you a bit misty-eyed? A bit giddy with the sheer joy of the possibilities?

Because if it does, let’s make it happen.

Let’s make all of this your actual reality.

Once you have watched, absorbed & implemented all that you’ll learn within ZenU and finally managed to find the emotional resilience necessary to keep moving forward to success

THIS is how your life will look:

You wake up in the morning wake up eager to get to work, knowing each step you take leads you toward further success…

As you brush your teeth, you find yourself looking in the mirror and just beaming with light and joy…

And you start the day a new person, a better person..a person who says NO to excuses, problems and hiccups.

A person who is winning at this game of life.

With ZenU you can and WILL find the support and accountability to make things happen in as little as 6 weeks even if you’ve never done a group program before or perhaps did one that fell flat on its face.

It’s time to start preparing for the new, better, stronger YOU that awaits at the other side of this program:

Within this 6-week group program, you’ll find the power to:

  • Finally be in control of your schedule and daily life
  • Let go of the anxiety that comes from feeling uncertain of what the future may hold
  • Stand strong in your ability to focus on the present moment
  • Craft a custom toolkit filled with methods to guide you through to a successful 2022 and beyond

Beyond that, you’ll learn practical hypno-energy and coaching tools so you can get out of your own way and be the successful business owner you were born to be.

You’ll also:

  • Master strategies to manage stress and increase emotional resilience
  • Learn to effectively manage the disruptions of daily life
  • Develop actionable tools and resources to help you navigate and move toward your goals
  • Use the tools of meditation and self hypnosis to manage emotional responses to triggers
  • Create a Zen resource toolkit to consistently move forward toward the joyful and peaceful life you deserve

ZenU empowers YOU to depend on YOU

ZenU is THE ONLY system that gives you the confidence you need to step into the spotlight and be the successful entrepreneur you were born to be…

That shows you how to find the support and accountability to make things happen…

And that shows you how to release those old habits and beliefs holding you back…

And that primes your subconscious to work for you for faster and easier results!

Here is why you should be jumping up and down about this opportunity:

So you can FINALLY stop running from solution to solution, life coach to life coach, one fake promise to the next and finally start seeing results.

When you invest in ZenU you get instant access to your bonuses, so you can start using it within the next 30 seconds and start seeing results in as little as 6 weeks!

Here is why I am doing this:

Because I believe if you’re here reading this, you know it’s time to make a change. I want to see you be the successful women you were born to be and it’ll be an honor to be behind you as you make that happen with ZenU.

Here is why you should do it right now:

Because if you have been waiting for a sign that status quo isn’t cutting it anymore…




And being the action-taker + excuse-buster that you are, now is the time to grab this sign and take charge of your life once and for all.

Let’s take you from floundering and forgetful to focused and free…

How It Works

Starting the week of February 28th, we’ll meet as a group on Zoom.

Each week will have a theme specifically built out for the ZenU framework, including:

  • How to access your resources states
  • Crafting stress management tools
  • Building out emotional resiliences tools
  • And energy tools so you can learn to support yourself from within

There’s only 6 spots available so…

this program ISN’T for you IF –


  • you’re fine with “good enough” and not ready to make a serious change for the better…
  • don’t want to make things happen TODAY and would rather wait another 6+ months…
  • you’re not ready to stop hiding who you are and what you do
  • you don’t need the clarity and confidence that comes with me as your coach

But if you ARE ready then…

Let’s Talk Bonuses!

Over $1,500 in bonuses available to those taking action TODAY!

  • 1:1 Pre-Program Coaching Call
  • Private Facebook group with regular opportunities for reflection, guidance, and support – value: $297
  • Lifetime access to ZenU and all future sessions – value: $1,297+
  • ZenU Workbook – value: $97

Once the 6 spots are filled, that’s IT.

Doors close.

Opportunity gone.

Left in the dust, at it alone again.

So how about it…are you FINALLY ready??